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The Girls4Sport story:: Girls4Sport is designed by women for women. Born in Santa Cruz, California on a bright spring day, the Girls4Sport women asked, why not make innovative athletic clothing specifically designed for the female form? Fresh, fun, feminine clothing for every "girl", no matter her age.

Every female on the planet is still a girl at heart. The one-of-a-kind female heart paired with an amazing body. Girls4Sport gets that fantastic body covered in every imaginable way for active fun in the sun, sand and sea. Athletic apparel truly can be everything you want it to be: interesting, strong, feminine and unique for girls of all ages. Mix and match the type of coverage you do (or don't) want in tops and bottoms with fashion-forward prints and colors. We've given "utilitarian" a makeover and made it drop dead gorgeous. Go ahead, frisk, frolic, play and splash.

Girls4Sport Santa Cruz beach party 2010
No other athletic wear and sun protection has ever made you look and feel this good! Swim, surf and sail knowing your pretty skin, the only one you've got, is covered by soft we-mean-business fabrics. Our tested fabrics are rated at the maximum of UPF 50+ and block at least 98% of UVA/UVB rays. Do something fun, do something good for you, do something for the girl at heart with Girls4Sport.

Our daily mantra:: Girls4Sport embodies performance, fashion, and lifestyle for active girls of all ages.

Our goals:: Live by our name as an icon for active women through our:

  • Products
    Design and market performance clothing and gear designed specifically for women.
  • Actions
    Sports camps/clinics create and promote events that provide learning opportunities and inspiration for girls of all ages to lead active lives with confidence.

How we accomplish our goals::

  • Produce the best performance clothing and gear specifically for women
  • Exceed our customer expectations as well as our own
  • Showcase pioneers, our customers and our partners
  • Be a creative company, promoting opportunity
  • Attentively aware to detail
  • Create and support sports leadership
  • Share profits with vital, relevant charities

Girls4Sport Foundation::
The Girls4Sport Foundation, the charitable arm of Girls4Sport, supports organizations providing girls of all ages with opportunities for learning, enjoying, and excelling in sports. No matter your age (15 to 50 and beyond!), you get the room to move and the ways to get there.