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Girls4Sport Foundation

Established at the conception of Girls4Sport, Inc., the Girls4Sport Foundation supports organizations and programs that provide girls of all ages with the skills, support, and opportunity to lead active lives with confidence. We seek to support organizations and endeavors such as school sports programs, sports camps and clinics, and heath and lifestyle education.

Girls4Sport, Inc. makes yearly donations to the Girls4Sport Foundation at its board's discretion, adjusted annually with business growth.


How to Apply::

STEP 1: Preliminary Inquiry
Preliminary inquiries by letter are accepted if questions exist on funding priorities. The Girls4Sport Foundation realizes that the application process can be time-consuming and recommends the submission of a one-page preliminary application letter. The letter should include the name, address, telephone number and organization classification of your organization, a description of your organization's objectives and programs, and the specified amount of money being requested and its proposed use.

A request asking the Foundation to consider a portion of the support for a project will generally receive priority than one asking the Foundation to be the only funding source. (This policy is to encourage the grantee to seek a wide base of financial support).


STEP 2: Foundation Review
The Foundation reviews preliminary requests as they are received and responds within 60 days. The Foundation will notify the organization if any further documentation is needed. The Foundation supports selected activities in the form of challenge, matching, one-time or, on occasion, multi-year grants.


STEP 3: Making a Formal Proposal
If a preliminary proposal is chosen for further consideration, the organization will be invited to submit a full proposal that consists of the following information:

I. General Information:

  • Name and address of the organization.
  • Contact person, title, telephone and fax numbers, and e-mail address.
  • History and background of the organization.
  • Geographical area and number of people served by the organization.
  • Target population.
  • Amount of funding requested.
  • A concise description of the program and objectives for which you seek support including:
    • How this program meets the Foundation's mission to provide pathways and continued opportunity for girls of all ages to excel at and enjoy athletic participation?
    • Needs addressed
    • Planned activities
    • Objectives
    • Proposed timetable
    • Proposed line-item budget for this program.
  • Organizations or corporations that have been approached for funding of this project, and the amount of support that will be requested from each.
  • Organizations or corporations that have already committed support for the project.
  • Plans for evaluating the results.

II. Documentation::

  • Current sources of income for the past two years (i.e.: business and corporations, foundations, government, individual contributions, etc.).
  • Latest audited financial statement.
  • Current list of principal staff and Board of Directors.
  • Latest annual report (if available).
  • Latest newsletter (if available).
  • Organization's brochure.

III. Evaluation and Reporting::
All requests are screened, researched and evaluated by the staff to ensure compliance with grant criteria. Final approval is determined by the Girls4Sport, Inc. Board of Directors.

If a grant is received from the Foundation, a report detailing grant activities and expenditures will be expected for completed projects less than six months in duration or annually for longer projects.