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Rachel BobisRachel Bobis

  • Where I live: Long Beach, New York
  • Where I'm from: Melbourne, Florida

How I got started with surfing: I have always been active and have always loved to be outside. I grew up at the beach and I rocked the Morey Boogie Board for years as a kid. Growing up in Florida 10 minutes from the same beaches Kelly Slater and CJ surfed, I was always around surfing and started really getting interested in it when I was about 16. I didn't really start surfing until I was about 19 and I was hooked after the first ride.

Athletic achievements: Getting to where I currently am in surfing is a great achievement for me because surfing didn't come naturally to me. I spent a good month just being able to paddle out and sit on my board! Starting Gnarley's Angels: Surf Lessons for Girls! was also a great achievement for me, and I have had a great time with that.

Athletic goals: Improvement! I am always striving to improve my surfing in any way possible and to push myself to go further every session.

Anyone who is having fun in the water, especially free surfers who are surfing just for the love of it, not to win a contest or get recognition. Melanie Bartels and Rochelle Ballard are really pushing the limits of women's surfing and so are a lot of the really young girls out there right now so they are always an inspiration to surf harder and have more fun.

Philosophy: If you're not having fun, it's time to stop for the day and re-evaluate things. AND be positive.

Favorite spot to surf: Jobos in Puerto Rico can get really fun, but I have no one favorite spot. Whenever the waves are fun, and I'm there, that's my favorite spot at the time.

Favorite Girls4Sport wear: The Job: Clinical social worker and substance abuse counselor

Education: I have a Master's Degree in Social Work from Fordham University and a B.A. in Psychology from University of Central Florida.

Interesting/unusual facts about me:
I could eat ice cream all day every day, and I only go running to balance out my ice cream habits.

Photos by Kevin Norris
Rachel Bobis surfing
Rachel Bobis surfing
Rachel Bobis surfing
Rachel Bobis surfing
Rachel Bobis surfing
Rachel Bobis on the beach
Rachel Bobis surfer
Rachel Bobis surfer